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Blog Posts in February, 2012

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  • Banks Receive a $308 Billion
    Banks Receive a $308 Billion "Gift" on Home Equity Loans

    While struggling homeowners everywhere are scrambling to benefit from the multi-billion dollar settlement announced earlier this month, four of the powerhouse banks are enjoying an additional bonus ...

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  • Help for Rural Homeowners
    Help for Rural Homeowners

    For those of you living in Charlotte County and the surrounding areas, there might be some assistance available if you're underwater on your mortgage. Initially announced on February 1, 2012, the ...

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  • Florida Legislation to Ease the Way to Foreclose
    Florida Legislation to Ease the Way to Foreclose

    With over 1,300 foreclosure filings in Charlotte and Lee County alone in January of 2012 (according to Realtytrac) and what is sure to be an increase in the coming months, we are not strangers to the ...

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  • Independent Foreclosure Review Update
    Independent Foreclosure Review Update

    For those homeowners who would like to participate in the Independent Foreclosure Review process initiated by the Federal Reserve System and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, they now ...

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