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There are many reasons to change one’s name in Florida. Most commonly name changes result from a marriage or divorce, but people may also change their name because they are transitioning to a new gender or simply because they wish to. All of these reasons are seen as valid in the State of Florida.

If you are seeking legal advice or assistance in the name-changing process, Bogle Law can help. Our dedicated and experienced team of Punta Gorda name change attorneys understand the ins and outs of the process and will assist you throughout. The many steps and procedures involved can be complicated and taxing, but by working with a lawyer who understands the process it doesn’t have to be. We will ensure your name change is done correctly and across all necessary platforms and documents so you can enjoy your new identity as soon as possible!

To learn more about how we can assist you with the name-changing process, contact our firm online or call (941) 257-4743 to set up a consultation today!

The Name Changing Process in Florida

Though you may not often think of it this way, your name is an important piece of legal information. From the time you are born, it is used on numerous important documents and items, including your birth certificate, social security card, application forms, voting registration, credit cards, driver’s license, school and work identification cards, and more.

When you change your name in Florida, you must fill out a “Petition for Change of Name (Adult)” form in most cases. If you are changing your name because of a divorce, you will use documentation related to that instead. You can find the form here.

The most important steps to changing your name in Florida are:

  • Filing a petition to change your name in your county of residence,
  • Updating your social security card with your new name,
  • Updating your driver’s license,
  • Updating your passport, and
  • Updating your birth certificate.

Petition for a Name Change Requirements

If you are changing your name outside of a marriage or divorce, your request requires petitioning a court. This is a legal proceeding that can require significant preparation, which is why it can be incredibly helpful to have an experienced lawyer on your side.

In order to petition for a name change in Florida, all petitioners must undergo a criminal history check. You must also give the court an extensive amount of personal information and prove that you are not being coerced into changing your name or doing so with the intention of evading the law.

The petition to change your name will require the following information:

  • Proof of residency in the county where you file,
  • Previous addresses,
  • Your birthdate,
  • Your birthplace,
  • Your father's name,
  • Your mother's maiden name,
  • Your occupation, place of employment, and previous employers,
  • Any court judgments against you,
  • Any previous arrests, criminal charges, and convictions,
  • Any previous bankruptcies,
  • Any previous name changes on record, and
  • Proof that you are not changing your name illegally, against your will, or with malicious intent.

We Will Help You Change Your Name with Ease & Efficiency

At Bogle Law, our experienced name change lawyers are adept at a broad range of family law and related legal matters. Regardless of why you want to change your name, we are available to help streamline the process and take care of you throughout. If you need to petition a court, we will be right there by your side. We look forward to helping you change your name!

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