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A divorce can be very devastating to a child, possibly leading to feelings of instability and insecurity. Your children's welfare is considered to be the most important point to address by the Florida court system. When a divorce occurs, their well being can be greatly affected through economic changes in life style. When confronting the issue of child support, having a skilled Florida child support attorney is crucial to ensuring your children will have the wherewithal they need to keep their quality of life.

Aside from continuing to love your children and seeing them often, you have no higher obligation as a parent than to continue supporting your children after the divorce. Child support is more important than any other debt or financial obligation. Both parents are required to support the children but the non-residential parent will be directed to pay his/her portion of the support to the other.

Florida has adopted guidelines for child support that the court is required to follow. There are a number of factors which are considered by the Court to determine what amount should be paid in support for your family. They include ages of the children, the number of children involved, income of the custodial spouse, income of the non-custodial spouse and the needs of your children under the guidelines established by the state.

Determining Child Support

Every child support case is unique. Each family's needs are different, as are their financial circumstances. At Bogle Law, our caring child support lawyers will provide you with the personal attention you need to this most important aspect of divorce involving your child support issue. Contact our office to obtain a consultation appointment.

What Factors go into Child Support Payments in Florida?

The factors that go into determining how much you pay for child support in Florida are:

  • Expenses

  • Parent’s ability to pay

  • Child’s needs

  • Florida’s basic support amount

  • Number of children to support

  • Number of days the child is with the father

How Long is Child Support in Florida?

In Florida, child support will usually continue until the child has turned 18. There are times when it can continue past 18, it can even continue until the child has:

  • Until the child graduated from high school or turns 19

  • Continue indefinitely for special need children

Many child support orders signed after October 2010 neglected to put a termination date. Those who do not have a termination date may have a hard time terminating the support.

For help with child support during a divorce, contact Florida Divorce Lawyer Tauna R. Bogle, P.A. for assistance.

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