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Understanding Protective Orders in Florida

A restraining order in Florida is called an Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence, often just called an Injunction. It is used when there is a domestic situation wherein the spouse or another family member is being abusive in some manner to someone else in the household, a spouse, child or other relative. The abuse can take the form of mental, physical or verbal abuse, often escalating into actual violence. Many times in a divorce situation emotions can run high and create an environment where this type of behavior can occur. A separation could spark threats, harassing phone calls and even stalking.

If you have a situation such as this, it is important to seek the guidance of a qualified Florida Restraining order attorney to assist you in handling the situation as quickly as possible. The situation can become dangerous if not handled properly. Our office can prepare an Injunction order to prevent your spouse from harassing or approaching you. It can be a temporary Injunction for up to 15 days until your final hearing is held before a judge. At that time the judge may give you a Final Injunction for a specified amount of time or have no expiration date.

The injunction helps in the following ways:

  • Forbids the person from harassing or directly contacting you
  • Forbids the person from entering your home, workplace or school
  • Forces the person to leave your home
  • Grants you temporary custody of your children
  • Orders the person to undergo counseling

Filing an Injunction does not constitute the person being convicted or charged with a crime, but does have legal ramifications should the person violate the Injunction.

We can help with your Restraining Order

Bogle Law has been serving citizens of Charlotte County, South Sarasota County and Arcadia on domestic violence issues for some time. With her aggressive handling of your case, you can feel confident she will do her utmost to provide you with the legal assistance you need to handle your domestic violence issue through a Restraining Order. Call our office today for a completely confidential consultation.

Are you in need of a Restraining Order due to domestic violence? Contact Florida Family Lawyer Tauna R. Bogle, P.A. for caring and skilled legal help.

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