Charlotte County Expungement Lawyer

Legally Sealing Criminal Records in Florida

An expungement removes any history of your convictions or arrests from public records. An expungement of conviction does not, however, remove them from law enforcement data bases. A knowledgeable Charlotte County expungement attorney will be able to provide you with the legal assistance to attempt to have an arrest or conviction expunged.

There are legal requirements for being eligible for an expungement. If you have met all of the probation criteria, have obeyed all court orders, and have no subsequent criminal offenses, it may be possible to get your records expunged. To receive an expungement, you must petition for it and the Florida Courts must then approve it.

How Do I Expunge/Seal My Records & What Are the Benefits?

A criminal record negatively affects your future employment, educational possibilities, housing options, immigration status and the ability to obtain loans. Many people do not realize how a criminal record can affect their life. There are certain jobs you cannot qualify for if you have a criminal record, such as police officer, teacher, child care provider, and others.

Your ability to get housing may be affected; a landlord will likely check your credit and end up finding that you have a criminal record. Furthermore, if you are an immigrant, any past convictions on your record can come up at any time, even during a police traffic stop. A criminal record could negatively impact your immigration status and possibly result in deportation.

The process of sealing or expunging a record starts with completing an application for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE); then a representative from the State Attorney's Office signs off on the application; after this, you submit the application, fingerprints and the fee to the FDLE. If FDLE gives you a certificate of approval, you then file a Petition with the Court and in most cases, attend a Court hearing. So why risk these ill effects when these records can possibly be expunged?

What Are the Benefits of Expunging or Sealing a Criminal Record?

The benefits of expunging or sealing a criminal record:

  • That beautiful arrest photo on the Sheriff's office website will be removed from the internet and public records.
  • The information will be removed from the public records of the local Clerk of Court. This includes the internet records on the Clerk's website. Now Internet surfers won't happen upon your information from the Clerk of Court.
  • You may avoid questions about the case from potential employers because the record is gone (expunged) of sealed (not open for public view). Some government, and other employers, may be able to see it, but most private employers who run a background check will not have access to these records after a sealing or expungment.

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