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Have You Been Charged With Assault and/or Battery?

Assault and Battery Defense Lawyers in Charlotte County

Violent crimes can be treated very severely in the State of Florida depending on the circumstances. Assault & Battery is one of those crimes. There are many factors involved in a violent crime being committed. Any time there is an altercation, you will have differing points of view from all parties involved. There may be witnesses who observed the assault, and it would be vital to obtain their version of the incident as soon as possible after the event, while it is still fresh in their memory.

An experienced attorney at Bogle Law will conduct a methodical review of all of the evidence gathered by law enforcement. We will attempt to challenge any evidence produced in order to possibly reduce or even have your charges dismissed.

In Florida, assault is defined as intentionally threatening to physically harm an individual and committing an action that would give the victim a well-founded fear that they might be harmed. Battery is defined as actually and intentionally harming someone physically. If you are charged with Assault and Battery it may be filed as either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the severity of the charge.

An assault or battery charge might be increased to a felony charge if the defendant is accused of using a deadly weapon. Possible penalties for assault and battery include jail time, fines, probation, court ordered counseling, and others.

Do not face a charge of assault or battery along. Turn to a Charlotte County assault and battery defense lawyer at Bogle Law. We can prepare an effective defense strategy for you, and might even be able to argue that you were acting in self defense. Our priority and goal with every case is to lessen the chances of you being convicted and fight for the best possible outcome.

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If you live in Charlotte County, South Sarasota County or Arcadia and have been arrested for Assault & Battery, contact Bogle Law. Tauna will review all evidence against you and conduct an investigation as needed. Due to the urgency of the charges, we highly recommend you contact our office quickly so that we may begin our strategy for your defense and protect your rights.

Recently arrested for assault & battery? Don’t delay; contact Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer Tauna R. Bogle, P.A. for a free initial consultation.

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