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Visitation / Parenting Time In Charlotte County, Florida

Setting up Visitation

Florida law requires that visitation be set up on a regular basis with the noncustodial parent. Detailed visitation schedules are required by the court for a parenting agreement in order for them to approve the schedule. If you are the custodial parent, you have a duty to encourage visitation. You must do more than just stay out of the way or leave the choice to the children. Encourage your children to see your former spouse frequently and to enjoy the contact.

Never use support or visitation as a lever or bargaining chip in dealing with the other parent. Most parents need the help of a Florida divorce attorney to assist them in setting up this type of schedule, as it must be detailed and well thought out.

A visitation schedule will provide an outline as to how parents will care for and provide for their children. Details of how much time each will spend with the children in different aspects of their lives must be included. Things such as an exact daily schedule of where the child will reside, at what time of the day or week will the child be with each parent, whether the child will be with either one regularly on week-end or every other week-end, etc. are what is expected of a parenting agreement as required by the courts.

The courts expect the well being of the children to be of foremost importance in establishing it. Not only is the day to day schedule expected to be listed, but also holiday schedules, transportation schedules and even provisions for vacations, birthdays, school breaks and other important dates. The more detailed, the more likely the courts are to approve of the parenting agreement without making any arbitrary decisions about visitation based on the court's point of view.

Child Visitation Lawyer in Florida
Obviously the more detailed you can get an agreement, the better. With the experienced guidance of Bogle Law you can feel secure that your visitation and parenting time will be thoroughly worked out to the satisfaction of not only yourself and your spouse, but that of the court as well.

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