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What to Expect During a Divorce

A divorce is a painful and difficult experience. It is never easy to end a marriage and when children are involved it becomes that much more difficult. However, if you understand the functions and limitations of the legal system, the process becomes more tolerable. Having the right Florida divorce lawyer can go a long way towards making the process go as smoothly as it can considering the circumstances.

The Divorce Process

A divorce generally involves four major issues: child custody/visitation, child support, alimony, and a division of property/debts. There are other issues that may come up, but normally these are the most important points that will be considered in your divorce. The court may also be asked to enter an order (called an injunction) prohibiting or requiring certain actions. After the case is concluded, the court may later be asked to modify custody and/or support. You need to understand each of these aspects of your case.

Florida's divorce system is based on the principle of "no-fault," meaning that a divorce will be granted if either party believes that the marriage is over. Generally, the causes of the failure of the marriage are not an issue in court. All that matters is that the marriage needs to be ended. The easiest way of getting through a divorce as quickly as possible is to work out a Marriage Settlement Agreement with the help of our office and your spouse or his/her attorney.

Through compromise and cooperation, a settlement can lead to greater mutual satisfaction and lessened animosity between you and your spouse. In most cases, negotiations toward settlement can be more productive and far less expensive than a trial. If negotiations fail and you must try your case, the court will make rulings that will permanently affect you and your children.

The court's rulings must be made exclusively upon the limited evidence that is presented in court, and nothing else. Because the court is restricted in what the court can and cannot do, a settlement can offer a wider range of options. It may be best, therefore, to try to keep emotions out of the case and logically look at settling your case out of court if at all possible.

Call on an Effective Divorce Lawyer

At Bogle Law our caring and compassionate legal team will help you determine the best options for each aspect of your divorce. We will discuss each point as needed, including child support, visitation, alimony and property division so that your goals for the dissolution are achieved.

Remember that if you have children, they normally continue to have a relationship with the noncustodial spouse, so it is in everyone's best interests to maintain as friendly a relationship as possible during and after the divorce. For effective and understanding divorce assistance, contact our office for your confidential initial consultation.

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