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Temporary Relief Measures in a Florida Divorce

What is Temporary Relief?

Temporary Relief can be granted by the court at your Florida divorce attorney's request before a final resolution of your divorce case issues. The following are some of the main issues that you can obtain Temporary Relief for:

Injunction Against Domestic Violence

Used for protection against harassment or abuse by your spouse against your or your children. We can file for protection for you against this behavior.

Freezing Assets

If you believe that your spouse may attempt to spend or hide common assets before you can settle your divorce, we can assist you in possibly freezing certain bank accounts, IRA accounts, pension accounts, other financial accounts, or business assets to preserve the property common to the marriage.

Temporary Alimony

If you are the spouse requesting alimony and you have financial difficulties during the divorce process, we can request that temporary alimony be awarded while the matter is pending.

Temporary Child Support

If you have minor children under 18 years of age and there is no agreement on how the children's support will be provided, we can ask the Court for temporary relief while the divorce becomes finalized. Florida has very strict child support laws which the courts will follow and enforce. There are very detailed guidelines outlining support owed based on both parties' incomes for items such as health care expenses, insurance, child care, extracurricular activities and private schooling, if applicable.

Temporary Attorney's Fees and Litigation Expenses

If you are not financially able to afford an attorney and your spouse has the financial ability to provide funds for you to obtain an attorney and for the expenses of litigation, you can request that the Court award these fees and costs during the course of the lawsuit so that you may fund your case.

Temporary Custody

If you and your spouse have separated and custody of your children is an issue, we can request temporary custody of the minor children on your behalf.

Temporary Denial of Passport Services or Order Regarding Removal of Minor Children

At times there may be an issue of a spouse attempting to remove minor children from the state or the country in order to prevent you from having access to them. We can request a temporary denial of a passport in order to prevent this from occurring.

How We Can Help You with Temporary Relief

There are many ways a qualified divorce lawyer can help you during your divorce procedure. As can be seen, many issues can arise that need quick handling. At Bogle Law, we have the knowledge and skill to help you get through this difficult time. Contact our office to find out how we can help you.

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