Can I Afford to Hire a Good Criminal Defense Attorney?

This question is asked over and over when someone is arrested and accused of a crime. The Answer is really: Can I afford NOT to hire a good attorney? A criminal defense attorney is not just for cases and clients facing trial by jury (although that is a critical time to have the best defense attorney because your freedom is literally on the line).

Each day, innocent people are arrested; citizens are called in for “pre-arrest” questioning and investigations, men and women are over-charged and individuals’ Constitutional Rights are violated. All of these situations call for the experience and know-how of a criminal defense attorney.

  • The Wrongly Accused require the skill of a quality attorney to fully investigate the case and uncover the real truth about the accusations. Witnesses need to be questioned. Evidence needs to be examined and the credibility of witnesses and law enforcement officers needs to be tested.
  • Pre-Arrest Investigations call for a defense attorney who can stop interrogations before they start, who can communicate with investigating officers and detectives and who can preserve valuable evidence that may otherwise be lost.
  • Overcharging the Accused: In many cases, men, women and children alike are overcharged by zealous law enforcement officers and prosecutors. A wise attorney may spot over-charging early in the process and aid in the dropping of unprovable, duplicative charges and double jeopardy cases.
  • Violations of Constitutional Rights: Quality criminal defense attorneys cherish our Constitution and fight to uphold it and protect the rights of all citizens. They spot Constitutional Rights violations. Motions will be filed, and arguments made to the Court to dismiss cases and suppress evidence when your rights are violated.

Although a good Criminal Defense Attorney will cost money, in the long run, he/she may save your Freedom, save you from pleading to unnecessary charges, stop fishing expeditions in prearrest cases, and protect your Constitutional Rights.

Criminal convictions and probation are expensive in many ways. They cost money in court costs and fees, probation is expensive, and they can cost you your job and your freedom. So… can you really afford NOT to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?