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Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Continues to Generate Controversy Across the Country

Opponents of the Ruling Are Still Looking for Change

Recently, in Texas, Representative Dan Flynn has challenged the ruling's legality overall. He believes that it cannot be considered official law until it specifies just where funds for government benefits of same-sex married couples originates. If his argument gains a following and is found valid, it is likely that other state lawmakers will adopt it.

Another ongoing story is coming out of Florida, where a group of pastors are pushing for legislation that would protect their rights as clergymen. The proposed bill, known as the Pastor Protection Act, aims to shield religious individuals and institutions from any federal retaliation for refusing to perform marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples. Ultimately, they would like to ensure that they do not lose their tax-exempt status for acting on their own personal beliefs.

Making Sense of All That is Going On

Despite the controversy and lively debates, there are no immediate changes to the Supreme Court's ruling on the horizon. The newfound marriage and divorce rights of same-sex couples all across America are seemingly on solid ground. With that said, if you live in Florida and need help with a family law issue that could have been affected by the ruling, contact Bogle Law today. Our Charlotte County family law attorneys have been supporting families in all manners of legal issues, including divorce, child custody, and alimony payments. Start understanding your legal options with a free case evaluation with our firm.