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Are you or a loved one under investigation by the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF)? Being accused of child mistreatment or the abuse of a dependent can be incredibly devastating, especially if these claims are made about someone you truly love and care for. Unfortunately, even if you have never harmed a child or dependent, being the subject of a child abuse investigation is not something to take lightly. Parents involved in a custody battle over children may even create false accusations of child abuse or neglect to get back at their former partner during a contentious divorce. Fortunately, Bogle Law can help.

Our Florida DCF Attorney

At Bogle Law, we believe that everyone deserves their legal rights to be upheld, regardless of the alleged crime or situation. Our Punta Gorda DCF investigation lawyers are familiar with how this organization works and conducts its research. We will help you understand your rights, prepare for your DCF investigation, and back you up throughout the legal process—even if we have to go to court on your behalf. For a trustworthy, experienced, and dedicated legal advocate, contact Bogle Law today.

Call (941) 257-4743 or contact us online if you believe you are the subject of a DCF investigation. All initial consultations are completely confidential and come with no obligation. Get in touch with a DCF lawyer near you.

What to Expect from a DCF Investigation

While the DCF is a vital government agency charged with protecting vulnerable adults and children against neglect and abuse, it is not an organization you want to contend with. The DCF is given discretion and control over who and how to investigate and can also decide whether to prosecute a parent.

How Can DFC Take Your Child?

Once you have been suspected of child abuse, it can be difficult to convince the investigators otherwise, even if you are completely innocent. The DCF can take your child or children away from you based on an allegation alone.

This is something that no parent should have to go through, especially on their own. If you or a loved one learns that the DCF wishes to speak with you, you may be considered a suspect in a child abuse or endangerment investigation—even if they claim you are not. Your best option is to get legal representation on your side as soon as possible.

A DCF investigator might:

  • Misinterpret what you say or do to support their allegations.
  • Tell you that you are not being investigated for any crime or wrongdoing, even though you are.
  • Try to convince you not to hire a lawyer or to seek legal help of any kind.
  • Try to enter your home without a search warrant, which is not allowed unless certain exceptions apply.
  • Use suggestive interviewing techniques to lead children into making false accusations.

Remember, you have the right to consult with a lawyer as well as to have an attorney present before or during any DCF investigation, regardless of what the investigator may claim. Please contact Bogle Law to learn more about how we can help with your Florida Department of Children and Families investigation.

Our Firm is On Your Side

If you think you may be the subject of an abuse investigation by the DCF now is the time to be proactive and contact a Punta Gorda attorney to learn about your rights, options, and what to expect. We don’t want you to assume that the DCF is out to get you, but we do want our potential clients to understand the worst-case scenario in the event legal action is necessary. Bogle Law offers confidential and no-obligation legal consultations with an experienced DCF investigations lawyer, so please do not hesitate to reach out to discuss your case today.

Call (941) 257-4743 or contact us online to secure the legal representation you deserve from our DCF lawyers near you.

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