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Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce Proceedings in Southern Florida

An uncontested divorce sounds like it would be rather straight forward and uncomplicated; however there is still a considerable amount of paperwork and court filings involved that must be done accurately and in a timely fashion. Any mistakes on your part can delay your divorce considerably.

Bogle Law has taken on the handling of uncontested divorces from spouses who thought they had everything worked out. But once they looked into it and were confronted with all the paperwork, they quickly became overwhelmed. Our office is prepared to assist you with our low cost divorce if you have most of your agreements already made ahead of time. We can quickly complete the filings for you and have you moving forward with your life.

Even though this type of divorce may seem the best way to proceed when filing, many spouses do not realize all the different aspects of their lives that they need to review and agree upon. Issues such as amount of child support or alimony, child custody and visitation schedules, (how about those holidays?) division of bills and assets and others issues, are often overlooked.

Although you both may be in good communication, these issues still need to be sorted out exactly per divorce procedure. Having a good Florida divorce attorney to represent you will facilitate the process for you.

Florida Eligibility Requirements for an Uncontested Divorce

In Florida, a couple must meet certain requirements in order to participate in an uncontested divorce. These include:

  • agreement on broken marriage and desire uncontested divorce
  • have no children under 18
  • wife is not pregnant
  • neither are seeking alimony
  • agreement on division of property & debts
  • one spouse has been living in FL for at least 6 months

Do You Have To Go To Court For An Uncontested Divorce?

If you and your spouse are going the uncontested divorce route and don't have children or significant assets you may be able to file the necessary documents and your divorce can be finalized outside of court.

Divorce Lawyer Tauna R. Bogle, P.A.

For a quick and easy uncontested divorce, Bogle Law is available to provide you a low cost solution while preparing your documents completely and accurately so there is no delay in your divorce becoming final. Contact our office for your initial consultation.

Contact Florida Divorce Lawyer from Bogle Law if you are considering an uncontested divorce.

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