Collaborative Law: What Is It? Is It for You?

Collaborative Law requires the attorneys and parties to work together to resolve all issues, including voluntarily providing documents, communicating, and committing to settling without going to court. The parties sign Participation Agreements, wherein the parties agree that if the negotiation process stops working, the client must hire a new attorney. This provides safeguards and benefits to clients who are dedicated to settling without going to court.

If the Collaborative Law process works, the parties will have reached a mutually-acceptable agreement resolving all issues without the expenses associated with litigated a case in court. If the process breaks down, the clients are forced to incur additional expenses with bringing the new attorneys up to speed, litigating the case, and spending more emotionally draining time resolving the issues. With Collaborative Law, there is no cost associated with the standard discovery process, including depositions, or attending hearings. The parties have all agreed to try their hardest to resolve the issues involved in the pending Family Law case, whether it focuses on child support, parenting time, dissolution of marriage, or modifications.

The attorneys at Bogle Law, P.A., while all seasoned litigators, understand and appreciate the balance that is required in providing competent legal representation with the need for many clients to keep costs down. In our experience, clients are more satisfied when they have actively participated in the settlement agreements and have worked together toward a compromised resolution. If you have any questions or are going through a difficult time, please call one of the experienced attorneys at Bogle Law, P.A. We will work WITH you to come up with a resolution that is more in tune with what you want.