Do I Have to Have Grounds For Divorce?

In years past, getting a divorce was more complicated than it is today. Although divorce is rarely an easy task, at least you no longer have to have grounds for a divorce. Men and women are allowed to go their separate ways, despite the reason for the dissolution.

This means that people can end their marriage for any reason that applies to them - they don't have to prove cruel and inhumane treatment or adultery like they did before. In fact, a divorce can be granted if just one of the spouses decides that the marriage is irretrievably broken.

In nearly every case, no reason is required for a divorce and most of them are granted as long as one person wants out. When people are dealing with a contested divorce, it is essential that they speak with an experienced family attorney who can guide them through the divorce process.

There is a lot that goes into the actual divorce proceedings, that is why it is extremely important that you hire a family lawyer to help you. For example, if children are involved - your attorney can help you develop a parenting plan which will address important issues such as child custody and child support. A divorce attorney will make sure that both your best interests and your rights are protected from the beginning to the end.

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