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The Florida criminal justice system is harsh when it comes to criminal sentencing and penalties. When you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges of any kind, you should seek out the highest quality legal representation you can find. After all, it's your career, your future and your liberty that's at stake.

If you have already been arrested then you can count on the fact that law enforcement will be using their vast resources to secure a conviction against you. At such a critical turning point in your life, you simply cannot afford a weak or apathetic public defender—you need someone with experience, confidence and courtroom skills to navigate you through the legal system.

Geographical Areas of Practice

At Bogle Law we are fully committed to turning your case around in your favor. From the moment we take on your case we will conduct our own investigation into what happened, and we will search for any violations to your constitutional rights, as well as any other flaws that we may be able to use to your advantage in court. If you are facing criminal charges in the greater Charlotte County area, please contact a Charlotte County criminal defense attorney from our firm. Our offices are located in Punta Gorda and North Port.

Our firm is honored to represent those individuals facing criminal charges in the following areas:

Charlotte County Criminal Defense Attorney

Our firm's areas of practice include: DUI defense, drug crimes, assault & battery, and theft crimes. We also handle sex crime cases including rape and molestation. We can also assist clients with their probation violations cases, as well as applications for an expungement of their criminal records.

Our firm has extensive experience handling bench warrants, juvenile crimes, traffic offenses, weapons charges, child abuse, burglary, felony violent crimes, and domestic violence. Regardless of your circumstances, our legal team is not here to judge you. Whether you are entirely innocent or if you made a mistake, we are your personal advocates during this difficult time in your life.

No matter what happened or what circumstances brought you to where you are today, we will provide you with an aggressive, compassionate and dedicated defense. You have rights and it's our mission to protect them while seeking out the best possible outcome for your unique set of circumstances. Please, take a moment to contact a member of our legal team so we can begin building a defense strategy on your behalf!

Take action now, contact a Charlotte County criminal defense attorney from Bogle Law.

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